Alison Hesmer


“Art is the way we make sense of the world.” I’m not sure who said this, but I add my Amen. Visual arts bring color to the world, and mixing colors, bright and exuberant, defines the way I paint. I enjoy painting in acrylic and oil those (mostly) small moments that define our lives. In my work, I celebrate the slow, southern, faithful rhythm of life in our community and the repetition of simple joys, reminding me year after year that God is good. Animals and nature are favorite subjects of mind, and I love painting pet portraits, florals, travels and local landscapes.

Children’s Classes

It’s a privilege to teach children how to give voice to thought and emotion, creating something tangible they can see, touch and feel. I’ve taught children from ages 2 to 19 and I’m often amazed at the whimsy, beauty and freedom of expression they bring to their art. As I see it, my job is to pass along the traditions of art while leading each student toward the realm of possibility. I teach children in small group settings or one on one. I also offer fun summer camps as well as birthday parties tailored to your child’s interests.